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Horror Crossover Encyclopedia

11 Apr

The book I’ve been talking about is here. That’s right. It’s the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, the first in a series of books spun off from the Television Crossover Universe. Written by me, Robert E. Wronski, Jr., it also includes a bonus story and preface by James Bojaciuk, and a foreword by “Crazy” Ivan Ronald Schablotski! It also features and amazing cover by Axel Medellin. The book is currently available at AmazonGoodreads, and Smashwords. It is available in print and digital editions. Though not in stores, if you request it at your local bookstore, they will order a copy for you.

The Television Crossover Universe: What It Is and How It Came to Be!!!

1 Oct

I’ve been fascinated with crossovers since an early age.  For those who aren’t sure what a crossover is, it’s when characters from one series are shown to co-exist in the same reality as another.  This can happen when these characters meet, spin-off (one character leaves one series to star in his own), mention each other or events of another series, ect.

My early concepts of shared realities came from comics and TV.  It was clear by the time that I started reading comics that all of DC Comics characters mainly existed in the same universe, while there were some that existed on alternate realities.  This was very cool.  Series like Justice League of America, All-Star Comics, World’s Finest, DC Comics Presents, and Brave and the Bold were like the cement that tied this reality together.

Marvel characters also shared a single reality, and team-ups were common, especially in Avengers, Defenders, Marvel Team-Up and Marvel Two-in-One.

Even in the other companies, there was Richie Rich and Casper, and Archie Comics made sure to let us know Archie, Sabrina, and Josie all knew each other and even interacted with the Archie super-heroes.

On TV, it was established that the shows produced by Norman Leer were in the same reality.  Frank Marshall’s shows also shared a single reality.

M*A*S*H had spun off Trapper John M.D.  Mary Tyler Moore spun off a whole bunch of shows.  The Love Boat went to Fantasy Island.  The daughter from Diff’rent Strokes went to the school on Facts of Life.  Even my mom’s daytime soaps were interconnected.

At probably age 8 I started putting together the pieces of this multiverse of shared realities, and along the way, found that some of these realities that I thought were separate were in fact linked.  And of course as time went on, more and more crossovers came about.

I though I was alone in my obsession.

In 2000, I discovered Win Scott Eckert’s Crossover Chronology, and along with that, found Toby O’Brien’s Toob World Blog  and Thom Holbrook’s Poobala Site.  I found that not only was I not alone, but I had just barely touched upon the subject.

My crossover research continued as a hobby, and I was never connecting with others who could help me in my research, and the “Crossover Community” was very supportive.  I knew that I wanted to do something on the scale o what the others were doing, without duplicating what they were doing, but didn’t know how to begin.

A couple years ago, Win turned his crossover chr0nology into a successful book, and I noted that even though the book is amazing, he really neglects (and he admits that this was intentional) a lot of television crossovers.  When I told him I planned on expanding on his Crossover Universe in the area of television, he was very supportive.

At first, I was going to write one big chronology, that I hoped to post either on Win’s site, or on Dennis E. Power’s site.

Then after James and I had launched a book club on the Wold Newton discussion forum, he approached me about creating our own website, perhaps to be connected to PJF.com.  I began once again working on the chronology, but I realized how long it would be, and that since crossovers are constantly being created, the project would be extremely outdated before it was even completed.

So making an O’Bservation from Toobworld.blogspot.com, I decided that Toby had a great plan.  So I combined the blog style of Toby (including using Blogger) and applied that to Win’s chronology style and of course, placed my new project within his Crossover Universe as this was meant to be a spin off.

Of  course many know that the Crossover Universe and the Wold Newton Universe were meant to be the same, and my project was also meant to be the same.  But there had been many debates in the Wold Newton Universe about what is valid and what isn’t and I chose to avoid such things by calling mine the Television Crossover Universe.  That way, though my intention was for there to be compatibility, no one could complain if they didn’t see it.

My blogs actually took off, with a small following that an entire Facebook discussion board revolved around.  I’ve had over 12,000 viewers since the first blog in January.  I know this isn’t a lot, but it’s more than I expected.  Because I’ve started a fan base, and this is still only a part-time hobby, I’ve taken on a “staff”, called the TVCU Crew, who also write blogs and update old blogs.  This way the site never will go inactive, even if I get caught up in real life events.  I’ve also had other guest writers, which is a real honor.

So that is where we started, and where we are now.  I hope if you read this, you will check out my other blog.  It’s a lot of fun, and even though we who write it take it seriously, it is just meant for fun.

The worlds seen in Family Guy’s Road to the Multiverse

22 Sep

For those who have been struggling with sleepless nights over this, I have saved you by compiling this list of all the alternate universes visited by Stewie and Brian when they traveled the multiverse.  Enjoy, and have mercy on my soul.

1.  Bongo Universe (the home universe of Stewie and Brian)

2. Athiest Universe

3. Where the poop goes (mentioned)

4.  TVCU during the stone age in Bedrock

5.  Japanese rule the world

6. Two-headed universe

7. World where the Ice Age is now…and where the poop goes

8. Universe where everyone has to pee

9. Looninverse

10.  Robot Chicken Universe

11.  World without Sinatra

12.  Low resolution blocky universe

13.  Fire hydrant universe

14.  Gay Univese

15.  Earth-Prime

16.  Political Cartoon Universe

17.  The far away guy universe

18.  Misleading prop universe

19.  Dog Universe

Welcome to the world of Robert E. Wronski, Jr.!!!

14 Sep

Hi, I’m Robert E. Wronski, Jr., and so is my business.

I’ve recently realized that my expertise in both social media (a major marketing and public affairs tool in the information age) and in the art of productivity and efficiency are something I should share with the world, and thus after having done some extensive research, have decided that this is where my skills are best used.

I’m also the author of a blog called the Television Crossover Universe, a project which may seem silly, but that I take very seriously, and so do my fans.  I hope to eventually monetize the work I’ve done there, but really I’m just happy to be doing something I love and that others have found my site and have also enjoyed it, and even have long discussions over what I write.

Finally, though I’m not currently active, I am an investigator and researcher of the paranormal, something that has always fascinated me, and the more I discovered along the way, the more interesting it became.

This site will be the culmination of my projects.  I will have pages devoted to each of the areas of my life, and links to all the places you can find me.  And definitely check out my blog, where you’ll find that my greatest love is talking about myself.