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Return of Random Facebook posts Early 2013 Edition

26 Apr
American comedian and television show host Ste...

American comedian and television show host Stephen Colbert. Photographed June 3, 2006 at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dean Martin Christmas Album

Dean Martin Christmas Album (Photo credit: BGSU University Libraries)


steve martin

steve martin (Photo credit: whittlz)


Timberlake performing at St. Paul, Minnesota, ...

Timberlake performing at St. Paul, Minnesota, one of the venues of his first worldwide tour, FutureSex/LoveShow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Beverly Hills, 90210 logo

Beverly Hills, 90210 logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m so fat, I can only buy belts my size if I special order them online.


Damn insomnia hits when I have to get up in the morning.


So I’m at the register purchasing paper plates, and the cashier asks if I’m doing so to avoid washing dishes. Exactly, my friend. Exactly.


“The Boston nightmare is over. Good news! The Yankees can go back to hating the Red Sox again!”–Stephen Colbert


I can’t believe I’m caught up on dishes and laundry.


Rather than our usual talks of Lego, super-heroes, and Doctor Who, tonight Connor and I discussed terrorists, North Korea, and oddly, the South Korean musician PSY.


I guess my posts about shows and films I like and dislike was to point out how much I hate being stereotyped. I’m a nerd, sure, but we aren’t all into the same things. I actually dislike Babylon 5. Never cared for Iron Man or Thor comics. I love camping and suck at computer programming (so I really hate being asked to fix people’s computers. I will only destroy your computer if I try.) I listen to Eminem, the Beatles, and Weird Al. I’ve seen every episode of Beverly Hills 90210 but I’m not into anime. I know almost everything about Superman, have a lot of knowledge about the paranormal, but I’m also passionate about equality and social justice. I was an American solider, an Infantryman. I’m a father. I don’t eat my vegetables, and I love the beach. I’m just me.


So I just realized how awkward living next door to my ex will be. Even though she chose to end our engagement, and she didn’t want to commit to strengthening our relationship, but instead wanted to step back to a point as if we had never started dating, and I’ve suffered with pain and heartache, she now completely ignores me when we pass on the street and I say hello. I mean, completely ignores in the childish “Let’s pretend there’s nobody there” kind of way. This is why I will never, ever enter into another relationship ever again. I’m too old and tired for the stupid relationship games, the fights, the heartache. Better to just accept solitude for the rest of my years.


Can I be considered a celebrity if I’m walking down the street and someone stops me to settle a batman argument because I’m “the expert”?


I know this will come off as a strange comparison, but I think Justin Timberlake is today’s Dean Martin. He’s a great musical performer (even if I’m not necessarily a fan of his genre of music), a great dramatic actor, a great comedic actor, and an overall great entertainer. I could see him hosting his own variety show like in the golden age of television, that combines comedy and music. He’s practically a cast member of SNL already, having appeared about half as many times as Steve Martin, which is impressive considering Timberlake has only been showing up on the show since 2000, as opposed to Martin whose been doing it since 1976.


I’m loving the new Griswold commercials mocking the multiple Rusty’s and Audrey’s. Going to be hard to place them in my Television Crossover Universe timeline, but I’ll find a way.



This week’s randomness

30 Oct

I always get confused by the term “god fearing”. Why should you fear your loving father. Only when a child does wrong should he fear his father’s wraith. So are god fearing people saying they’ve done something evil? Only time a good child should fear his father is if his father is an evil, abusive father. So god fearing people are evil, or else their god is.

My dilemma: across the street is free pizza, but between here and there is a hurricane.

Library closed early on account of rain.

Done with universal monsters for a while. Time for a Krueger marathon, on this, the lord’s day of rest.

The scariest part of monster squad is when the bullies rip up the comic book. (Yes, watching monster squad for the third time this month.)

Was falling asleep reading so went to bed, where I was then wide awake, so got up and started watching a movie, but got too tired to concentrate, so went to bed, where I was wide awake, which brings me to now.

John Gresham is actually a pretty funny guy. He has a Bob Newhart style to his humor.

Old age is not knowing who the person hosting SNL is.

After going six weeks without soda, a went and bought a single can at the corner market. Finished it before I got home. And I tell you this tasted like the best damn cold beverage I’ve ever had in my life. Boy, I am a soda addict.

Spent 10 minutes at my fridge and cabinets trying to make something yummy appear. Not that I’m without food. I just have nothing I particularly wanted to eat this morning.


Me and My Sister

24 Dec
Saturday Night Live (season 36)

Image via Wikipedia

My sister was born when I was 11 years old.  Suddenly I went from being an only child for over a decade to being a big brother with a big age gap.  I wasn’t really jealous of her like you would expect though.  In some ways, I was like a 3rd parent.  Being that I was a pre-teen, I had to babysit a lot, with no compensation.  It was just my family duty.  My summers and nights were usually occupied with babysitting duties.  But I didn’t complain.  Even when my step-father was home, I still had to take care of my sister because he just laid on the couch all night, watching tv, eating chips, and drinking warm Pepsi.  That’s right, he couldn’t even be bothered to pour himself a new cold glass of Pepsi, so he would just keep the 2 liter bottle next to the couch.  And he would put the empty chip bag under the couch cushions, like he was a little kid.  Heaven forbid if I had to do homework, but I never really did much of that anyways.

Now, technically, my sister is my half-sister, because we have different fathers, but I never considered her anything less than my little sister.  It didn’t matter to me if we had different fathers.  I remember when my sister was little, she found out I had two dads and she cried that she wanted two dads too, so I said I would share my other father with her.  My step-father didn’t find the humor in that.
Despite the gap in age, my sister and I had a good relationship.  We would stay up late and watch Saturday Night Live, or Evening at the Improv (which back then was the only stand-up comedy show, on A & E, long before Comedy Central.)  Or we would watch opera or ballet, which my sister loved back then.  I used to take my sister to the movies, and we would take our dog on “the nature trail”  which was just a little trail in the woods near Mahar.
Of course, we didn’t always get along.  She loved to bite me, and to hit me with things such as hammers.  She didn’t like me to watch tv at the same time she was watching tv.  She didn’t like sharing the back seat of the car, and she would kick me.  She would steal from my room, and lie about me and say I hit her if she was mad at me.  Of course, my step-father spoiled her, and no matter who was at fault, I would always get grounded.
Now I wasn’t always nice to her either.  I knew she was sensitive to noises, and I would do things like dangle my keys in her ear.  And we would fight over the front seat, but come on.  When I was a teenager, how could I let a little girl take the front while I sit in the back?
When my sister was 11, I joined the Army, and left for 10 years.  I would see her once a year, but she never really forgave me for leaving.  For a long time she resented me for leaving.  When I moved back to Massachusetts, she harbored a lot of hostility towards me.  But in the past few years we’d grown close again, and after our mom’s recent death, we had become as close as we were when we were children.
But recently we’ve drifted again.  I guess it’s because we have our own lives in separate cities. And that’s alright.  Even if we’re doing our own things, she’ll always be my little sister, and I’ll always be there for her when she needs me, no matter what kind of little sibling squabbles we might have.  I love my sister very much.