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More odd stuff I say on Facebook….

24 Sep


Jesus on the wall of the senior Home

Jesus on the wall of the senior Home (Photo credit: freestone)


Another “blessing” of aging is that I seem to have become lactose intolerant.


A lot of people may get the wrong idea that I hate Christians and Christianity, and this is not the case. Many people who I care about, family and friends, are Christians. Why I tend to be opposed to Christianity in general is because it seems to me that most Christians I see these days don’t follow the examples of Jesus, which is about loving people and helping those who need help, but rather follow “White American Jesus” who believes in hate and violence and selfishness. I think another name for “White American Jesus” would be the AntiChrist. Those “Christians” who follow the path of evil are those who I will consistently speak out against since they constantly threaten my friends and family, and with to turn our world into a dark, evil place in the name of Jesus.


If people want to argue with me on Facebook on one of my posts, I have no problem with that. Bring it on. I love debate. But if you’re going to do so, then be ready to argue. If you’re the type of gets hurt feelings when someone disagrees with you, don’t enter into an argument with me. I’m very passionate about truth, justice, and peace. I hate dishonesty, injustice, and hate.





Champion of Earth–Part I: In the Beginning…

18 Mar

A lot’s been going on in my life lately, more so than usual.  Once again we’re trying to stop the end of the world, but now I’m trying to do so after having a personal loss.  My family relationships are strained.  The world hates me.

So my good friend and cousin Phil Sherman gave me a suggestion on how to deal with my stress.  He reminded me that once upon a time I was a writer.  So here I am at my computer.  Well, not my computer, since I no longer exist under my original identity.

So before I get into my story, I think first I have to begin…In the Beginning…

In the beginning, or so I’m told, the universe exploded into creation by a big bang.  I was actually present at the dawn of time, along with a bunch of other heroes from various alternate realities, though some would like to forget about my involvement.  A being from the Mirror Universe and another from an alternate universe‘s planet Oa caused the big bang.  If not for our involvement, we wouldn’t have existed at all, so you’re welcome.

Anyways, from this big bang came the Universe’s first life forms.  Six of them.  Due to a cosmic balance, three of them were inherently good, the other evil.  These beings were beings of pure energy and very powerful.

Now, all of them will be featured within my tale eventually, but for now we will only follow the path of one of them.  This particular being found its way to Earth (even before Earth existed).  Knowing that eventually he would need to protect the universe from his evil brothers, this being created a very powerful device that would be known as the Universal Transponder.

Once the Earth had formed and life evolved upon the planet, this being created a garden, a paradise, on Earth.  When the first two humans appeared, he brought them to this garden.  He told them this place was their home, his gift to them.  His only rule was to stay away from the location of his device.
Unfortunately, one of the being’s evil brothers sensed the power of the device.  He tricked the two humans into helping him get the device.  The two brothers did battle over the device, and luckily the keeper of the Garden succeeded in reaquiring his device.  His evil brother decided to make Earth his second home, when not guarding his self-made hell dimension.

The Keeper of the Garden sent away the humans to another part of the planet for their protection, and transformed the Garden into “The Forbidden Forest“…yes, that forest.  This being maintains a home there to this day, though he travels on many planes.

Now this being lived a long time walking among humans.  He’s been known as a god and a wizard.  However, I’m not going to cover his entire life.  I’m going to jump ahead to what would lead to my ancestral line.

You see, a hell of a long time ago, back when the Earth was covered with dragons and elves and such, the being from the Garden was now living in Europe, though it wasn’t called Europe then.  He was considered a wizard, and he took several forms and several names.  Calling himself “Vonski”, he had relations with a commoner, and this led to the birth of a child.  Vonski is not very well-known for being there for his families, though, and Vonski abandoned his bastard child.

Now the point to that story is that this is the start of one branch of my family tree.  Yes, I am the descendent of a “god.”  Believe me, I already know I’m immortal and due to cause the destruction of the universe someday.  Knowing I’m part “god” does nothing to boost my ego.

A funny thing about the beginning of my line is that it created a superstitious myth about the line.  See, Vonski’s son became the Dark Knight, servant of an evil being (another of Vonski’s brothers) who tried to conquer Earth.  But the Dark Knight’s son became a hero who helped free Earth.  This led to a false belief that good and evil skipped generations.  Thus the reason the world now hates me and I must hide under false identities.

Well, that’s it for now.  I have, something, tomorrow to do, and I’m awaiting to be called back into action.  This Crisis sure is an inconvenience on my life.  LOL.

When I get a chance to get back on here, I will go more into some of my more famous ancestors.