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11 Sep


How is it that a party that considers itself to be the more patriotic party can be so un-American?  They call our President a fascist, but they don’t believe in equal rights.  They don’t believe in equal pay for both genders.  They don’t believe in the same rights for all Americans regardless of sexual orientation.  They don’t believe in the government giving money to the poor who need it, but are fine with the rich getting lots of money from the government (and less taxes).  They oppose immigration, despite that being what created our nation.  They don’t believe in religious freedom, unless it’s freedom to practice whichever version of Christianity you wish.  They get angry and feel persecuted because they aren’t allowed to force their religious beliefs on everyone else.  And isn’t that how we got started?  Escaping to America so we can practice our own religious beliefs and not having them forced upon us?

I’m voting for equality.  I’m voting to live in a world of peace and not hate.  I’m voting to have freedom.  I’m voting because I’d love to live in a nation where we are allowed to do what’s right.