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Silver Lining

19 Feb
Personal Finance

Personal Finance (Photo credit: 401K)

Been working a lot, but the good thing about that is a) making lots of money, and b) no time to spend it.  LOL

Actually, that’s good because I’m paying off my debt.  My only other expenses really are food, gas (and I work in town, so not much spent there), and of course rent.

My overhead is low and I’m putting in a lot of hours.  This past week I worked 64 hours, and this upcoming week I’ll be working 60.  I basically eat, sleep, and work.

But it will all pay off in the end.


11 Feb

Sorry, I don’t get on here much to update lately.  Working three jobs totaling 74 hours a week.  But at least I’m able to pay my bills.  All my “spare” time gets devoted to sleeping.  Haven’t spent time with Jessica in forever.  But at least my finances are getting caught up, and I’m putting money aside for a) summer with Connor, b) moving in with Jess, and c) the wedding.