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More random thoughts and stuff from my Facebook page…

7 Jun

Rain. Why’d it have to be rain? (Missing my car now.)

Anybody going to the July 4 events at UMass this year? Connor and I go every year but this year without a car, we can’t go. Buses don’t run on the holiday. If anyone wants to go and is willing to bring us along, I’d be willing to pay for your parking.

An Iranian journalist appeared on the Daily Show in a piece that was meant to show that Iran does not hate America nor is it evil. For appearing on the show, the Iranian government arrested and tortured the journalist. I guess the message is that Iran’s government is evil and does hate America, and they really don’t like when their citizens try to debunk that stereotype.

I did nothing. I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I thought it could be.

Feel like today’s a lay on the couch and watch TV day.

Going to bed. See you all when I get up in the next 5 to 16 hours.

Only five hours of sleep has caught up to me. I think I need a nap. Getting sleepy and really getting bothered by little things like racists, sexists, elitists, classists, and other ists I can’t think of now.

I’ve been way too argumentative today over trivial things. Guess that’s what happens when I don’t get enough sleep. Well, except that I’m always way too argumentative over trivial things.

A problem with being a regular at an establishment is that they never listen because they are so used to you getting your usual. That can be convenient when you want your usual, but if tell them something different, they don’t listen. Still get the usual. I’ve recently come to appreciate onion bagels, but my regular Dunkin donuts ignores me and gives me my usual. I guess I have to start being rude and making them take it back and make the right order, but I feel bad because I know their intentions are good.

Sometimes I sleep for 16 hours, other times I sleep five and I’m fully charged.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but when the guy holding up the Earth dies, we are screwed.

OK, time for bed. I’ve been awake for nearly 12 hours. I’m beat.

I wanna dip my balls in that!

I’ve decided to stop using words like homophobic, racist, bigot. I’ve realized I can replace all those words with one equally descriptive word. Evil.

I’m seriously thinking of deleting anyone who posts “things happen for a reason”. You have a right to your beliefs, but when you say that those I’ve lost were part of His plan, and it’s for the greater good, I really just want to hurt you, and tell you not to worry, because it happened for a reason.

Right. So the first 15 minutes was some of the best Who ever.


Some Political Ranting on Election Eve

5 Nov
Cover to Lex 2000 #1, featuring Lex Luthor as ...

Cover to Lex 2000 #1, featuring Lex Luthor as President of the United States. Art by Glen Orbik. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Is there something important going on tomorrow?


I’d just like to remind folks that I am still a presidential write-in candidate.


Vote for me in November. The world’s going to end anyways, so why not?


Really hope Luthor doesn’t win the election. I fear that the teabaggers and the rich folks and the conspiracy nuts will make it happen.


Vote for Robert E. Wronski, Jr. in November for President because I’m looking for a new place to live.


I’m completely unbiased politically. I like Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy.



What’s happened….?

6 Sep


Rush Limbaugh booking photo from his arrest in...

Rush Limbaugh booking photo from his arrest in 2006. These charges were eventually dropped by the local prosecutor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Sarah Palin at the Time 100 Gala in M...

English: Sarah Palin at the Time 100 Gala in Manhattan on May 4, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m afraid that our nation has embraced stupidity over knowledge.  It’s a trend that happened slowly over time.  The rich and powerful seem to have found a way to make people think that education is a bad thing. I call this high school mentality, where smart kids were ridiculed for studying.


Why would they want a nation of uneducated?  Well, simply, they’ll believe anything.  You can convince the poor to vote for those whose only interest is serving the needs of the rich, by filling their minds with ignorant hate and paranoia.


One of the side effects of this has been that our nation had gone from being a proud world leader to being laughed at and hated by the rest of the world for our inability to evolve with the rest of the world.


I’m scared for us.  Scared of living in a world where the 1% have convinced the masses that they serve their interests.  I’m scared of a world where Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Joe the Plumber are heroes.  I’m scared of a world where news networks can offer biased lies and the world believes them.  I’m scared of a world where conspiracy theories are considered of higher importance than the issues, and what one family does out of love is considered a bigger problem than economic and global issues.