Safety. It’s the very first word in the description. The Northampton Community Support Network values safety most. Soft spoken words of hate and bigotry can be more violent than a physical confrontation. Words harm. Words kill. The Northampton Community Support Network will not allow words of racism, sexism, homophobia or any other bigotries. We welcome all, but all who attend must adhere to this very simple room. If anyone is unable to adhere to this simple rule they will not be welcome until they can change their behavior. Coming with the intent to harm others is counter to building a strong community.

Having said that, if you willing to work on the obstacles to your success, including healing the inner wounds that have led to your outward hatred, I am happy to sit with you one on one to have a discussion towards that goal.

I want all to be welcome. But I need all to be safe. Remember that your choices of behavior are what keeps you from being welcomed. You can choose to change your behavior and join the community. Or you can choose to maintain your behavior and isolate yourself.

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