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The Horror Crossover Universe

10 Mar
Stephen King, American author best known for h...

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Horror eng..

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H. P. Lovecraft

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The Werewolf of Fever Swamp (TV special)

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I am co-authoring a book, that is a spin-off of my Television Crossover Universe blog.

The book will be very much in the style of the blog, but it will encompass only horror, or crossovers connected to horror.  It will go beyond the blog in that it will include horror from literature as well.

This will be a must have (I hope) for the horror geek.  The book will encompass many types of horror, from the classic literary tales of Lovecraft, Wells, Stoker, and Shelley, to the classic Universal and Hammer Horror films, to the good old Romero zombie flicks, to modern slasher tales and books from folks like Stephen King.  Even horror related TV shows will be included.  And that’s just the surface.

The book will prove how these stories and characters all co-exist in one very scary shared reality.

I plan to release a series of TVCU related books.  I have started with horror because last summer I took a poll of TVCU fans and this was the most popular one to start with.  Future ones will cover cartoons, sci-fi, and sitcoms.

I’m very excited about the project, and hope that the book will be ready by end of 2013.

The worlds seen in Family Guy’s Road to the Multiverse

22 Sep

For those who have been struggling with sleepless nights over this, I have saved you by compiling this list of all the alternate universes visited by Stewie and Brian when they traveled the multiverse.  Enjoy, and have mercy on my soul.

1.  Bongo Universe (the home universe of Stewie and Brian)

2. Athiest Universe

3. Where the poop goes (mentioned)

4.  TVCU during the stone age in Bedrock

5.  Japanese rule the world

6. Two-headed universe

7. World where the Ice Age is now…and where the poop goes

8. Universe where everyone has to pee

9. Looninverse

10.  Robot Chicken Universe

11.  World without Sinatra

12.  Low resolution blocky universe

13.  Fire hydrant universe

14.  Gay Univese

15.  Earth-Prime

16.  Political Cartoon Universe

17.  The far away guy universe

18.  Misleading prop universe

19.  Dog Universe