18 Sep

In the past two months, I’ve been in crisis mode. First I lost my job and had no income. Through a miracle, I quickly landed another job, but had no money to get there. I asked for help from God, and He answered through the supportive people in my life.

And just when I thought my troubles were done, when I got my first job, my car went kablooey, and I needed more help, and again, the supportive people in my life came to my rescue.

I’m very grateful. I wasn’t always a person with great supports. Once upon a time, I was homeless, and nobody I knew would take me in. Because they knew they’d never get rid of me. I wasn’t the type of person people wanted to support. I used people. I was a taker.

But in the past fifteen years I’ve been on a spiritual journey, trying to rid myself of my selfish ways, and to put my hand out in kindness to help others. I’ve become the person who has been able to surround themselves with supportive people.

I’m really grateful for the life I live today. I give to the world, and the world gives back.

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