5 Aug

This week I lost my job due to my own temper and some poor management on the other side, and then I lost two dear friends due to a tragic accident.

This on top of some previous tragedies that have befallen my community in the past month.

Somehow I’m holding it together. Well, not somehow. I got help. I turned to friends to lean on. I got a lot of great advice. I did some writing. I did some praying. I let go of expectations. I’m trusting in God.

I’m preaching on Sunday, on Moses and the Burning Bush. Going to talk about conversations with God, and God as the motivational speaker.

Things seem like gloom and doom right now, and honestly, I am depressed and anxious. I have done some crying. But there also seems to be some peace and serenity going on. In a way, I’m going back to what I know. I’m attending more meetings. Got a new sponsor. I’m volunteering more at Cathedral. And with more free time, I can watch more shows and movies, right?

I’m not giving up. I had a job interview today and have another one on Tuesday. I’ve applied to a bunch more jobs. When one door closes another opens. God gave me gifts to use to help others, and that’s what I’m going to do.

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