Reluctant Vacation

6 Jun

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

It turns out I’m a workaholic. After years of being on disability, I’ve been back to work for the past few years. I now have a job that comes with paid time off.

My supervisor pushed me to take vacation time. She felt I was getting burnt out, and the fiscal year was ending, and if I didn’t just my PTO, I’d lose it.

So I took time off, even though every time I take time off a crisis happens at work.

So I spent my vacation trying to be sociable and I watched a lot of streaming shows and movies. Also did a bit of reading. And I slept in every day.

It was nice. It was relaxing.

I miss work. Tomorrow I go back and I’m excited. I’m a person who needs routine, and needs to be busy. It’ll be good to deal with the latest crisis and…

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