16 Jan

For the past several years, the media keeps talking about reboots that are not by my definition a reboot. If it takes place in the same reality as the original, it’s a sequel. A reboot, to me, is the creation of a new universe. A reboot is synonymous with a remake in many ways, but a remake is about a particular story, whereas a reboot is applied to a series or franchise.

Adding to the annoyance is when a sequel is made that really wants you to think it’s a reboot by re-titling it with the original title, for example, The Grudge, Halloween or Scream.

The new Scream movie at least acknowledges it, as it does, and gives this trend a name… requels. A sequel that pretends to be a reboot.

Aside from the annoyance with the media mixing terms, I appreciate the trend. It’s an attempt to satisfy both old and new audiences. Don’t erase continuity, but still bring in a new cast of young characters that have the longevity to keep the universe moving forward.

So let’s stop calling sequels reboots, and let’s embrace the requel. But still…. Scream (2022) will always be Scream 5 to me.

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