Come True: A Review

19 Mar

There may be spoilers. If so they will be minor, but read at your own risk.

What the fuck did I just watch?

Come True is the story of a teenager who can’t sleep in her own bedroom for some reason that’s never explained and eventually isn’t even relevant to the story, though it’s the catalyst to this whole thing so it seems like it would be important. She can sleep anywhere else, but not her own bedroom.

So she goes to a sleep study, where there’s a creepy vibe, and with good measure, because the scientists are creepy and unethical, and should all be fired, and banned from the university. (Though that worked out for the Ghostbusters).

So the movie is from the point of view of the girl… until suddenly it’s from the point of view of the scientists. Then suddenly it turns out, plot twist, there’s this boogeyman haunting the dreams of everyone in the sleep study, and one of the scientists too. So that’s what the movie is about. Being haunted by this boogeyman. You’d think… until they just kind of abandon that idea…

And here’s the big spoiler so stop reading because I’m going to reveal the ending. She’s been in a coma for 20 years, even though she’s 18 in the dream, and even though there are entire scenes in the movie that allegedly were part of her coma dreams… that she wasn’t in. How was she dreaming what was going on in scenes she wasn’t present in.

And she also has fangs at the end for some reason.

None of it made sense. The movie was building up as this mystery, and then there was no pay off. It was, ha ha, you never guessed this twist ending, especially since none of the past hour and a half had anything to do with it…

I’m angry that this movie exists. It wanted to be clever. It was not.

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