Movie Theaters are currently failing me.

5 Mar

I love going to the theater to see a movie. It’s different than watching it at home. It’s not just screen size. At home when I’m watching something I’m distracted by my phone, by my laptop, by my cat…. I go to the theater and I make sure I pee before going in, and I sit for two hours and my mind isn’t on politics, or my job, or anything going on in the world. It’s just about the movie. It’s a form of spiritual meditation to me.

Since the movie theaters reopened here in Massachusetts they’ve been pretty good about having movies that I wanted to watch. Sometimes it was a new film. Sometimes it was a classic that they brought back to theaters. But I was able to have my weekly meditation.

I don’t know what’s going on, but the past four weeks there’s been nothing I want to see. There’s plenty of movies streaming, and I have pretty much every streaming service, but as I said, it’s not the same as the theater experience.

There are movies at the theater. And I recognize that they are movies that someone wants to see. Someone wants to see the new Tom and Jerry. I’m sure there’s an audience for Boogie. But it’s not me. Looking ahead, it looks like the drought will continue until Kong vs. Godzilla comes out in a few weeks.

The good news is that New York just reopened theaters. I’m not naive. I get that Hollywood will see New Yorkers as more important than us Massholes. So now that NY theaters are open, perhaps Hollywood will start sending movies back to theaters instead of constantly moving the release dates or just going straight to streaming.

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