New Podcast: Comics to Screen

11 Aug

In January of 2018 I embarked on a quest to watch every movie based on an English language comic book.
I have finally completed my quest. So now what? Well, it’s been suggested to me that I should have some sort of forum to discuss my views on the films I watched, and so I’m launching a new podcast, Super Entertainment presents Comics to Screen, in which I will discuss comic book movies.
This won’t just be film reviews. Because these are all comic book movies, each podcast, I will discuss the history of the comics that the films are based upon, how well the film adapted the source material, and where the film fits into a larger continuity (such as it’s placement in the MCU timeline, or is it part of the Arrowverse multiverse, etc.) And of course, I will also offer my uneducated, but very opinionated views of the films I watched, to tell you if they were gold or garbage.
The new podcast won’t launch for a little while. I have to get a new laptop that can store the software and files. But once it launches, I’ll let you all know here.

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