21 Dec

After a few rough years, 2019 was a spectacularly good year.

I had a Dorian Gray chronology published in the anthology, Dorian Gray: Darker Shades, and have since gotten another story picked up for an upcoming anthology from Wild Hunt Press, and I’m working on several other writing projects to be published early next year.

I got to visit my son in South Carolina, and meet the people in his world, and watch him walk down the aisle at graduation.

Then I had my own graduation from the School of Lay Ministry.

Following that, after nearly two decades, I finally had back surgery, which had miraculous results on my physical condition.

I then had an article published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

And finally, and most recently, I was hired as Assistant Manager of a homeless shelter, allowing me to finally get off of disability, and my income has doubled.

I couldn’t have had the great success this year without the support of God and the friends and family God has placed in my life, and my church and other fellowships.

Let’s hope that this trend continues into 2020.

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