New Strategy

15 Nov

Hi, Folks. I thought I’d share with you whatever happened to the follow up Crossover Encyclopedias. As you may remember, I decided to tackle cartoons next, with a future look towards tackling Sci-Fi, then doing a HCE 2. The cartoons drove me mad. Horror was so easy. Most things worked within a single continuity, only ocassionally having to reconcile or shift to an AU. But cartoons are so bad at continuity. Even within a series. And crossovers are so iffy within cartoons. Is Mickey Mouse an evil corporate monster? Are Disney princesses in alternate worlds or do they all hang out in Toon Town? I tried tackling it in so many different methods, while trying to maintain the standard of the horror book. It was just impossible. I hate Family Guy now. I really, really hate it. So I’ve decided that soon I’m launching a series of TVCU books regarding classic television, using my original TVCU post format, and I will instead do a similar project for classic cartoons. I’ve decided also to move on to the Sci-Fi Crossover Encyclopedia, which will resemble the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia in style. Also, because of the crossover overlapping between sci-fi and horror, I will likely consider sci-fi the HCE 2 instead of doing a separate HCE 2. (Maybe someday I’ll do an actual HCE 2.)

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