The Difference Between Anime, Manga and Chibi

13 Aug

I was looking up what is the difference between anime and chibi, and came across this very good example.

The Bundle Of Fluff

Just thought of something to post!

I was drawing a minute ago and decided to do the same character in 3 basic Japanese styles- manga, anime and chibi.

Manga refers to the comics, anime to the animations and chibi is a type of manga/ anime aimed at young children.

Anyway here’s the drawing

DSCF1608 As you can see the difference from the manga and anime style to the chibi are very different but the manga and anime style are fairly similar. Anime tends to use brighter colours and less shading and manga tends to be more realistic looking proportions wise and with the shading. However anime faces have more realistic proportions for the sizes of the eyes, nose and mouth.

Ramble over,

The bundle of fluff 🙂

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