6 Aug
I’ve spent years trying to do something, and getting nowhere. I’ve spent year trying to be somebody, but in the end I was nobody. I’ve spent years trying to be heard, only to be ignored.
I’m tired now. People keep telling me how talented I am, and that I should lead this, participate in that, create something or other. Please stop.
Today, in my life, I am satisfied if I can just spend time with someone who is struggling, and remind them that they matter. Today, in my life, if I can just watch movies on the couch and take a nap, then it’s been a good day.
No more trying to be a writer, a podcaster, a politician, a facilitator, a leader, an advocate, a minister. I tried to be someone in the world, and the world said they don’t want me. So I’m done with trying. I just want to rest now. I am talented. I am educated. I know people of esteem. It’s not enough.
So please, stop asking.

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