Hotel Reservation Nightmare

23 May

I’ve had one hell of a series of bad incidents with La Quinta and I haven’t even stayed there yet. First they put me in the system for the wrong dates and charged me a no-show. I managed to get them to refund me that money and get the right dates, but then they charged my debit card $800 (for a $309 stay). When I asked them about that, they said it was an accident and they’d return my money (because they aren’t supposed to charge me until I get there, and only $309), but after several days, I ended up only getting back $400. So then when I tried to contact their manager, she wouldn’t return my calls. I ended up having to get a hold of someone at corporate to get my remaining money back, and everything was fine until yesterday when they sent me an e-mail that they cancelled my reservation. I just called corporate reservations to find out why, and they said that yes it’s cancelled and they don’t know why. Upon asking me if I want to reinstate my reservation, I said no, because I fear what else could go wrong on their end. So I’m taking this as a sign from God that I need to find a new hotel. So now I’m staying at Econolodge and I ended up paying $80 less than I was going to pay for La Quinta. (I also think it’s a little bit closer, by a few minutes at least.)

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