17 Apr

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

My fear is that no matter how much I think I’m changing, that the “new me” is only a facade and that I am always the person I was, who was powerless over addictive behavior and who couldn’t manage their own life.

This fear causes me to become insecure in situations where others become dependent upon me to be responsible and “grown-up”.  It caused me to doubt myself whenever I make mistakes or am less than my own expectations.  It causes me to become depressed and isolate when I feel I am not worthy of the expectations of others.

My old ways are safe.  Never trying means never failing.  Avoiding people means never raising expectations which will lead to disappointment.

The cost of a life of loneliness and not feeling the satisfaction of living to my potential.

One of the things I’ve chosen to do is believe people.  All the…

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