9 Apr

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

I could fill a multiverse with the alternate realities that could have been had I made different decisions.  But were I to look back, I could see that even bad decisions in the moment may have prevented me from some of the joys I have now.

What if I didn’t fail out of college?  I wouldn’t be sitting here.  I wouldn’t have my son, or have known my daughter.

Perhaps I may have been a great journalist, maybe even had moved to New York as I planned.  But I would not know many of the people who I’ve come to love in my life.

What if I hadn’t gotten divorced? Perhaps we could have worked things out, or perhaps my wife would have continued to be an enabler and I never would have found recovery.  If I stayed married, perhaps my son would have grown to resent his drunk father…

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