Bucket List

1 Apr

Bucket lists are hard. My priorities in life always seem to change, and so then does my bucket list.

There are some things in my bucket list that may be impossible, but I like to keep them on there just to give myself something to aspire to.

One thing that’s always been on my bucket list and always will is to visit every state in this country (have 33 so far) and every country in the world (only 4 so far).

Seeing my son graduate from high school and college, attending his wedding, meeting my grandchildren, are all bucket list items that probably keep me going when life gets hard.

Some things aren’t bucket list so much as personal goals.  Owning a house again, having a job that provides me a living, allows me to use my gifts, and gives me an opportunity to help others in some way.

I’m not sure if having such a small bucket list is good or bad.  Does it mean I maintain realistic expectations, or that I’ve given up on dreaming?  Maybe a little bit of both.

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