Doctor Who

22 Mar

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Doctor Who has been on the air since the 1960s.  The main character is the Doctor, an alien.  The gimmick that keeps the show sustainable is that when the Doctor dies, he regenerates into a new body (and new actor).  The new actor plays the same character but not the same character.  With each regeneration the Doctor’s personality also changes.  He has the same memories, but he is a different person.

In a way we are all like that.  I share the same memories as the person I was in 1991 or 2002, but I am a very different person.  We are constantly changing and evolving with each life experience, every challenge, all the tragedies and triumphs, and by every person we’ve met.

In 1982, I wanted to be a mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper when I grew up.  In 1992, I wanted to be a cop.  In…

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