Duck Tape

15 Mar

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

In 2002, I was injured in the army.  I have progressive degenerative disk disease.  Basically, there is a crush disk in my neck that presses on a central nerve.  So I suffer from constant pain that gets worse over time (and I refuse to take narcotics because addiction), while also, sometimes parts of my body, such as my hands, my legs, my neck, just stop working for a moment.  So sometimes I just fall.  Sometimes coffee mugs just slip out of my hands, which forces me to have to hold drinks with two hands like a toddler.  And sometimes I have to sit with my head resting against something in order to keep my neck propped up.

So I get a disability from the VA for this injury, a whopping $273 a month.  I can’t work.  I do lots of volunteer work that actually uses my gifts and skills and…

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