Cartoon Multiverse: A Different Approach

22 Feb

So now that I’m back to seriously writing, I’ve put a lot of thought into Cartoon Multiverse (the new tentative title for the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia) and have decided I can’t write it like the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia. So I’m starting over. I mean, not completely. I have 154 pages of stuff written that slightly edited will be reused, but I think I need to take a very different approach. So I’m very excited about this. And this reminds me that when I started the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia (which started off as the Horror Crossover Universe), I tried a different approach which I also had to scrap and start over. So one thing that’s different is that there will be no criteria to be included other than there is a crossover. In the last book, I had a starting point and used a six degrees methodology. Nothing could be included unless it could connect back to the start point, in an effort to make everything fit in one universe. This book is called Cartoon Multiverse because I will no longer be focusing for this one on a single shared universe, or even worrying as much about continuity, because cartoons…. This will be more of a history of cartoon crossovers, though when a shared universe is intentionally created by the creators, I will stress that. So there will be sort of cartoon groupings of sorts, and references to universe designations if they are from in-story sources or official canon. I think this will work out much better.

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