Salt and Sugar

19 Feb

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Yesterday I learned that salt and sugar are bleached.  Salt’s natural color is yellow.  It’s whitened to make it more appetizing.

I get that. Some of the best dishes I’ve had had ingredients in it that had I known, I would have never tried them.  I had venison pizza as a kid because I thought it was pepperoni.

I remember one time I found out my wife put spinach in the meatballs.  I loved her meatballs, but once I knew there was spinach in them, I couldn’t eat them.  I had eaten them for years and loved them.  Why does my knowledge of the spinach’s existence change my perspective on the taste?

Sometimes it’s like that with people.  I find myself really liking a person, then they reveal something about themselves that suddenly skews my perspective towards that person.  They may have different religious or political affiliations, for instance.  They…

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