Facebook’s Secret Phone Number

3 Jan

So turns out Facebook has a helpline, but I found out from Techwalla. Facebook doesn’t give out the number on their tech support page. You can’t actually talk to a human though. You can only leave a message. I told them that until I hear back from them, I will continue to talk to as many people I know, including press, politicians, and celebrities, about Facebook banning me for coming out as a non-binary person. For all who want to know, Facebook’s phone number is 650-543-4800.

This ban not only keeps me from collaborating with other writers and publishers in special discussion forums, and keeps me from staying in touch with friends from far away, it also stops me from accessing my author page and has cost me my ability to be the social media person for a non-profit that serves the homeless community.

All this because I changed my name from Robert to Robyn.

And now Facebook is sending me text messages letting me know that my friends are posting updates, but when I click on the link, my account is still permanently disabled. So now I guess they are going to keep sending me text updates telling me to log on to Facebook, even though they won’t let me log onto Facebook, and there’s no way to get them to stop doing that either. Fuckers.

And the shitty thing, is, I suspect it’s not really about transphobia at all. I’m sure that I got deleted by a computer algorithm designed to weed out Russian hackers and “Nigerian princes”, but because Facebook isn’t managed by humans, they can’t tell the difference. Because really if they just had an appeal process that involved a human taking five seconds to scan my page, they’d see immediately that I was using Facebook exactly as it was intended, as a social network.

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