Northampton Community Support Network Celebrates One Year of Progress

13 Apr

April 22 is the one year anniversary of the Northampton Community Support Network. So how are we progressing?

The Northampton Recovery Center will be moving to its own space at 2 Gleason Plaza on May 1 and over the next year you can expect its Recovery and wellness programming to expand.

As for a community center that focuses on supporting those experiencing struggles with homelessness, poverty, addiction, mental health and trauma, that’s making progress as well.

Recently Northampton Connects held a town hall meeting where my community center concept was discussed with great favor by the majority of the attendees.

Then a few days ago the city released a survey on Downtown Northampton which asked citizens if there was a need for such a community center which was described exactly as I’ve been promoting it.

The city seems to be rallying around the idea and that makes me very excited.

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