A Disheartening Day

31 Jan

I went to the veterans lunch today. A special event was going on, with the mayor and press and such. One of my stalkers whom I have a Harassment Prevention Order against showed up. I have been instructed that should either of my two stalkers show up anywhere I’m at, I’m to call the police even if the person leaves so that the police can have it on record.

My phone battery was at 2% so I asked the director of the Building Bridges Veterans Initiative, which hosts the luncheons, to use his phone to call the police. He refused. I explained the situation to him, even though I knew he was already aware of the situation. He explained to me that he wasn’t going to ruin the event and make the Building Bridges Initiative look bad in front of the mayor and press by having the police show up.

I explained to him that I’m advised by the court to call the police, that I felt unsafe around this violent individual who physically assaulted me on Christmas Eve at church. He told me that if I felt unsafe I should leave. I should leave.

The director of the Building Bridges Initiative is also a pastor at Cathedral in the Night. I’ve been involved with them from day one, when I was the only volunteer they had, and they would parade me around like their mascot. Today I felt betrayed. He made it clear that I’m not safe there. He made it clear that I don’t matter.

I had to leave and go home to charge my phone and call the police. Fortunately, the police came quickly, and after taking my statement went to look for my predator. Of course their first stop was to go to the luncheon, which Pastor Chris Carlisle didn’t want to happen. Because the police put the law and safety before political motivation. Sadly the pastor put political motivation before the law and safety.

I’m so hurt. I’m struggling to process these emotions.

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