22 Dec
2017 was a year of transformation and plot twists.
Creating the Northampton Community Support Network. That failed, technically, but it led to other opportunities that supported the same goals.
Started the ELCA School of Lay Ministry.
Joined a city committee.
Ran for city council.
Wrote something new for a new publisher.
Created another new podcast. Cancelled (sort of) that new podcast.
Got a new job, potentially leading to other job opportunities.
Came out as queer.
Was found to no longer be mentally disabled.
I started 2017 in a very dark place, which led me to create change in my life, which opened up all sorts of new opportunities and an exploration of who I am. Who we are. I am not the same persons that I was twelve months ago, and would never have imagined how much would have changed in one year. And though I’ve gone through change and transformation, regeneration if you will, that took me out of that dark place and brought me to a more spiritually minded place, it has brought with it more challenges which I now carry into the new year.
I’m now only working eight hours a week paid, and a lot of volunteer work, but now have my primary income source gone. As I move forward, will I find employment that will help me to continue the work I’ve been doing in this community, or will I find work that will take me away from working with the community.
As my writing picks back up again, how will that affect my priorities?
Having had a second attempt at a relationship that wasn’t healthy, have I given up on love?
I entered the world of politics this year? Will I move forward in that direction? And what of the opportunities that are potentially before me in the field of recovery?
Will my not having a car prevent me from gaining employment? Will my not having employment prevent me from having a car?
As someone who has gone from being a homeless, mentally ill alcoholic to a person who serves the homeless, mentally ill, and addicted, how does that affect my social relationships. As 2017 ends, I find those in my old peer community resentful of my success, and those of my new peer community skeptical of my abilities. I find myself in a lonely place where I walk in two worlds and feel welcome in neither.
One thing that won’t change is my excessive sharing on social media that makes Trump look reserved in comparison.

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