Group Ending

25 Oct

Our current food grant will run out in January. If our numbers don’t go back up to averaging at least six attendees a week then I will pull the plug on the Friday group.

This group was a tryout to gain support for a community center. The numbers for the group are not demonstrating a need for a community center.

This will not be the end of my vision for the community however. If one thing (the Friday group) is a waste of time then I will divert my energies into other ways to help those struggling with homelessness, poverty, addiction, mental illness and trauma.

As you all know I also work closely with Cathedral in the Night, the Northampton Recovery Center, Building Bridges, Street Stories, VOICE, Next Step, and Manna as a means to help others and of course I’m now running for city council as another means to serve the voiceless in our community and promote the idea that we all have a right to exist.

So the Friday group will probably end but the vision will continue.

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