Rebirth (Or let’s smoosh all the best things together)

6 Sep

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So after five years of complaints about the New 52 by those who missed their versions of the DCU, and after five years of applause from those who embraced the new, DC said, fine, you win… to all of you!

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Following Convergence, some things happened.

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One of the crazy moves was that Superman returned, to replace Superman.  The New 52 Superman had vanished or died or something.  I honestly don’t care how it happened.  But then they revealed that the pre-Flashpoint Superman, Lois and their son Jonathan (introduced in Convergence) had been living a quiet, secret life for the past five years in the New 52, having crossed over from their own universe that ceased to exist.

Image result for the old Superman, with the red underwear!

And so we got a new Superman, who was the old Superman, with the red underwear!  And Jonathan became the new Superboy, though I’m not sure what happened to the clone Superboy (was he still named Conner or Kon-El in the New 52?)

Image result for the New 52 Superman

But that’s just the tip of things.  Then, the old Superman, who was the new Superman (the New 52 Superman) showed up again, and the two Supermen touched, like in some sort of really out there Rule 34 thing (no, not really), and then they merged, and their timelines merged!

Image result for Wally West and Donna Troy

And all those heroes that had been left out of the New 52 like Wally West and Donna Troy came back, and the timeline was re-extended!

Image result for the Watchmen are here!

So what’s the new timeline?  Have no idea.  Apparently, it’s a mix of the best parts of all the old timelines.  The JSA are coming back.  And I mean the real JSA from World War II.  And the Watchmen are here!  THE WATCHMEN!!!  It’s been returned to a 15 year heroic age rather than the New 52 five year timeline.

Image result for It's an exciting time.  DC Rebirth

It’s an exciting time.

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And thus ends my series on the DC Multiverse.  Next time up… More about the DC Multiverse.  I’m never really done.  It’s an infinite series, after all.


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