26 Aug

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Image result for Grant Morrison's Multiversity

So DC established that Grant Morrison’s Multiversity was the rule of law.  Just those 52 universes that Grant approved and nothing else.  Nothing before the New 52 ever existed.

Image result for Screw you

Once month later, DC completely undoes that, saying “Screw you, Morrison!  You’re not the boss of me!” and gives the fans kind of what they want.

Image result for Hypertime

Turns out that Brainiac finds his way to Vanishing Point, which, get this, is still connected to Hypertime, that thing Dan DiDio hated and wanted us to forget.

Image result for Telos Convergence

Via Hypertime, Brainiac is able to visit every timeline that ever existed, and started collecting cities from various points in time, and putting them all on Battleworld, er, I mean Telos.

Image result for Convergence DC

The main point of Convergence is lots of characters get to fight lots of other characters, of course, and a bunch of one-shots came out featuring snapshots of former continuities that fans loved.

Image result for Pre-Crisis.  Post-Crisis.  Elseworlds.  Alternate futures.  New 52 worlds.  Infinite Earths.  Video games.  Cartoons.  

But the big…

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