Why I Moved Out of the City

22 Jul

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Was watching the news today.  Some clown in Gotham City murdered a bunch of people.  They caught the guy, and some are saying an urban legend called the Bat-Man helped, though police are denying this claim.

I used to live in Gotham City.  I lived there back in the 1960s.  It was a lot different back then.

Back in 1966, I had inherited money from my late uncle, Bird McLaughlin.  This led to me being kidnapped by another less scary clown and some guy in a tuxedo.

It was such an absurd afternoon.  I’d say it was more of an inconvenience than any sort of traumatic event.  These guys were so incompetent.

First off, their plan was to force me to sign over my inheritance to the gentlemen, on a document that clearly wouldn’t hold up in any court.  I mean, they had me refer to them as “the Joker”…

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