An Unjust System Designed for Failure

19 Jul

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Didn’t get my disability because I worked a part-time job last year for a few months, which they told me was ok. Couldn’t stay at the job because it was too hard on my back. They are telling me that I might not get my disability back because I did try to work, which they said was ok, and then found I couldn’t do because it was too hard on me because of my disability. What a system. So since I didn’t get my disability I couldn’t pay my rent, and I’m getting evicted. I have two weeks to vacate. I’m going to be homeless. What a system. If you try to improve your quality of life, they will punish you by making your quality of life much, much worse. If you try to get out the system by setting up a way to do so safely, they will punish…

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