New 52: The Golden Age and Earth-2

3 Jul

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In the New 52’s Earth-0 aka Prime Earth, there were no super-heroes before Batman.  There was no golden age.

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However, there was an Earth-2, where Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman had been operating for about 20 years by the time Prime Earth’s Justice League was debuting.  In fact, the end of those “Wonders” was tied into the beginning of the Justice League.

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Darkseid not only attacked Prime Earth, inspiring the creation of the Justice League, as discussed in last week’s post.  He also attacked Earth-2.  Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman perished in the battle.  Supergirl, who was Kara Kent, the daughter Superman and Lois, and Robin, who was Helena Wayne, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, were sent by their parents to an alternate Earth where the heroic age was just beginning.

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They arrived on Prime Earth just before the debut of the Justice League.  Supergirl decided to take on the alias of Karen Starr.  She became a business woman and decided to keep her powers a secret on this new world for five years before eventually taking up the mantle of Power Girl, as this world had gained its own Supergirl by this time.

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Meanwhile, Helena Wayne took on the identity of Helena Bertinelli, and basically all the Batman/Huntress post-Crisis stories still happened, but it was actually Helena Wayne of Earth-2 posing as Helena Bertinelli.

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Five years after the Apokolips invasion, Earth-2 was a much different world, with a United Earth government and military.  They were a world at war, in the present, and several new “wonders” debuted, including Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Al Pratt, etc.  Their powers were updated to be all magic based and their identities were updated for a modern, alternate world.  It was interesting but not what I would have hoped for in an Earth-2 series.

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Eventually, Earth of “Earth-2” was destroyed and the survivors found a new Earth-like planet to settle on with a new Earth-2 series.

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I just want my golden age heroes back.  Well, at least All-Star Squadron is now out in trade paperback format.

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Next week, whatever happened to the Teen Titans?

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