18 Jun

Robert E. “Robyn” Wronski, Jr. is a published author and producer of a weekly podcast.  Though he writes and podcasts about geek fandom, he also holds a passion for social justice and has a strong need to give back to a community that gave to him when he was in need.

Robyn is a veteran of the United States Army who served as a sergeant in the infantry.  During his time in the service, he was often pulled from the field to perform other duties because of his special abilities.  Robyn held a top-secret security clearance, participated in major crime investigations with the Criminal Intelligence Division, and wrote the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Standard Operating Procedures for the Tactical Air, Naval, and Ground Operations Command Post.

Robyn was discharged in 2002 after suffering a back injury incurred during training.  Shortly after discharge, Robyn found himself suffering from issues of depression and mania, alcoholism, and eventually, in just three years, homelessness.

Robyn acted to overcome those challenges, and by 2007 was sober, effectively treated for his mental health diagnosis, and in his own home.

Additionally, Robyn gained a degree in Legal Studies from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, a certification as a peer group facilitator from the Vet to Vet organization that was sponsored by Soldier On, and is a graduate of the Cathedral of the Night Peer Ministry/Leadership Development program.

Robyn has worked as a volunteer with Cathedral in the Night as a co-facilitator for the second round of their Peer Ministry/Leadership Development program and facilitates their coffee hour and bible discussion.  Robyn also is one of the rotating preachers at Cathedral’s Sunday service, mentored by Pastor Stephanie Smith.

Robyn has also been a member of a twelve-step group for twelve years in which he has served as a District Secretary, General Service Representative, and served for four years as a group chair and treasurer.  Robyn once proudly held the keys to three Northampton churches at the same time while serving.

Robyn also volunteers with Building Bridges, an organization that serves the veteran community, as the Veterans Liaison, and has been employed in a paid position as the assistant to the president of Internet Bar Organization, a non-profit dedicated to empowering people in the underdeveloped world through access to technology.

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