Fundraiser Fail

17 Jun
Well, we didn’t get a single customer and so we wrapped up after two hours.
Thanks to Connor Wronski and Shannon Thorn-Miska for showing up, and Connor Wronski also for carrying those signs back to the church. Thanks also to Heather Craig for the transportation to the bank and for the use of the buckets, and also thanks to Cathedral in the Night, Common Ground, and Building Bridges for use of their sandwich boards. I also need to thank the garage that lent us the squeegees. I need Heather Craig to remind me of their name so I can sent them a thank you letter. I also appreciate King & Cushman for letting us have the space.
We’ll try this again maybe in another few months. We lost $60 on this event. But please remind people that they can donate at our GoFundMe if they still want to support our organization’s mission.

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