Who will be served by the Northampton Community Support Network?

16 Jun


The Northampton Community Support Network serves the community of Northampton, Massachusetts and surrounding towns.  [We do not actually exclude anyone based on where they arrive from.  If they can get to us, they are welcome.]

Our focus is on helping those suffering from challenges around addiction, mental health issues, homelessness, poverty, and/or trauma who want to experience a positive life change but struggle with recovery.

Being clean and sober is not a requirement for participation.  However, wanting to work towards positive change should be a goal for attendees.  Attendees will come for their own reasons.  We will not screen those people out.  All are welcome regardless of motivation.  It is not our place to make judgmental presumptions about the motivations of others.  It is the belief of the NCSN that positive peer pressure coming from a community that is actively working toward life improvement will still most often allow attendees to start hearing things they identify with regardless of their motivation, and will hear a message of hope.

This is a designated space for safety and dignity.  Therefore, all who attend are required to respect the space, the attendees, the staff, and themselves.  Nobody present should behave in a way that is contrary to safety, respect and dignity.

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