The Northampton Community Support Network

3 Jun

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Don’t worry, fanboys.  We’ll get back to the comic book stuff shortly.  But I have something I need to talk about.

In 2005, I killed myself.

I took enough pills and alcohol to end my life.  The doctor said so.

I felt my body shutting down.  I felt myself dying.

The next morning, I woke up feeling perfectly healthy.  I checked into a psych ward.  I was examined by a doctor.  He said there was absolutely no sign of the pills or alcohol in my body.  Based on what I took, but organs should have started shutting down.  The walls should have started thinning.

The doctor said the only explanation was divine intervention.

God kept me on this planet for a reason.  For twelve years, I searched for that reason.

On April 22 of this year, God gave me the answer.  Not only did he tell me what I needed…

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