New 52: Batman

29 May

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

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Batman was a strange case in the New 52.  When the New 52 launched, almost all of DC history was rewritten, but for some reason, Batman’s popularity made the DC staff decide that Batman’s story can continue where it left off…. but not all of the extended Batman family!

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Batman–In the reboot, the DC heroic age began five years ago, but Batman had been operating for the past six years, having been secretly operating a year before Superman’s debut, being considered an urban legend by the general public.  Batman:  Year One was still considered canon in this new reality.  Most of the previous storylines that were taking place just before Flashpoint were carried over into the New 52.  Batman was now appearing in several titles.  Batman was an action adventure series while Detective Comics was a mystery series.  Batman and Robin focused on the father/son dynamic while Batman, Inc. continued…

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