New 52: Superman

17 May

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My step-father once asked me if I wanted to learn how to play 52 Pick-Up?  I said sure.  He then threw the loose deck of cards in the air, letting them fall randomly all over the floor, and told me to pick them up.

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That’s what I felt happened with the New 52, or the DCnU as it was briefly called when it first launched.

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So in September 2011, after just five years of the New Earth and 52 Multiverse, DC just ended all their titles, did a mini-series called Flashpoint that created a temporary alternate timeline, then “fixed” the timeline with another reboot.

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We were left once more with a weird mix where some old stories still happened, some heroes had been operating for some time, and other heroes were being reintroduced for the first time in this new universe.  Ugh.

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So where shall I begin?

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Superman — So the DC Universe started with the heroic age having been started five years earlier with the debut of Superman, though Batman had been operating secretly for a year before Superman’s debut.  All the titles in the New 52’s debut were restarted with # 1 issues.  Action Comics # 1 began with Superman’s origin five years earlier, where Superman was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and then Superman # 1 was set in the present where Superman was wearing armor, despite his invulnerability, and he was no longer married to Lois.  That never happened.  In fact, though five years of adventures had happened for Superman, we didn’t know exactly what had and hadn’t happened.  We did know that for reasons, they decided that Superman had still been killed by Doomsday and revived two years earlier, but it no longer involved Justice League America, because they hadn’t existed, and it didn’t involved Superboy or Supergirl because they hadn’t been around either.  And in fact, Steel’s origin now was unrelated to Superman’s death as well.

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Superboy and Supergirl–Superboy was reintroduced as a new hero, but with a similar origin to his Cadmus clone origin.  Supergirl was again Superman’s cousin, who just came to Earth.

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Legion of Super-Heroes–The poor Legion.  So I’m going to do another whole post about the Legion’s multiple reboots, but to sum up quickly, when Infinite Crisis ended, DC decided to bring back classic Legion writer Paul Levitz, and he continued the Legion story where he left off in 1989, ignoring everything that had happened from 1990 to 2005.  Of course, since Superman had still be rebooted continuously as well, and the Legion was a spin-off of Superboy (aka a young Superman), this led to having to keep old continuity while still finding new explanations for the Superman connection.  When the New 52 came along, Paul Levitz kept writing the Legion and didn’t reboot it at all.  And yet, it was part of the New 52 universe.  So once more they had to tell the story of how the Legion met a young Clark Kent.

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Superman and Wonder Woman — I’m not ready for this yet.  I’ll wait until I get to talking about Wonder Woman in the New 52 in a later post coming soon.  (Also, I’m only sticking to the early New 52 for this segment.  I’ll get to Multiversity, Convergence and Rebirth later on.)

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There’s so much to talk about with the New 52, so I think I’m only going to tackle a little bit at a time.  So next month, I’ll deal with Batman in the New 52.


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