New Earth and 52

15 May

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

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Infinite Crisis ended with the recreated pre-Crisis Multiverse once again merging into a single universe (allegedly), but not the same universe that had existed prior to Infinite Crisis.  This was New Earth.

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Following Infinite Crisis, all DC titles jumped a year ahead in time, and then also launched a series called 52, which was a weekly year long title (thus 52 weeks, 52 issues), that told the story of what was happening during that missing year.

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Let’s first talk 52.

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At the end of Infinite Crisis, Superman had lost his powers, Batman was taking a sabbatical,Wonder Woman was an outlaw, and the Justice League of America had disbanded.

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So what goes on in the DCU when the big three are gone and the greatest team of iconic heroes is inactive?

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52 directly spun-off of Infinite Crisis and featured several second string heroes, putting them in the spotlight.  It was co-written…

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