Infinite Crisis

12 May

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So going back to Kingdom…

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The story opened and closed with Superman of Earth-2 being trapped on Earth-2, trying to break the barriers between worlds that he once was able to do with ease.

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In 2005, DC brought us Infinite Crisis, but this was a series that had numerous lead-in series beginning in 2004 at least.

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Way back in Crisis on Infinite Earths, we saw Alexander Luthor of (pre-Crisis) Earth-3 take Superman and Lois Lane of Earth-2 and Superboy of Earth-Prime, worlds that no longer existed, off to some “paradise” after they had been trapped in the anti-matter universe.

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In Infinite Crisis we learned that they had actually been trapped in some pocket realm limbo, where they could view the new reality that replaced the old multiverse, but were trapped there.  Superman had tried to break through the barrier, as portrayed in the Kingdom, unsuccessfully.

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What we learned from Infinite Crisis is that the reason for the ever changing continuity of the post-Crisis DCU wasn’t aftershocks of the Crisis or Hypertime or any other past excuse that had been given in the previous twenty years.  Every time canon changed, it was because Superboy-Prime had been punching the barrier of their prison, and that kept altering reality!

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In this series, eventually they do break through, and the Luthor of Earth-3 tries to recreate the pre-Crisis multiverse.  In doing so, we get to see old pre-Crisis worlds return, and we get to see some post-Crisis worlds, such as Elseworlds, now as other pre-Crisis worlds.  We even get to see Earth-8, which would have been the world of characters in a pre-Crisis mutliverse that would have been introduced post-Crisis.  So for example, as Alan Scott was Green Lantern of Earth-2, and Hal Jordon of Earth-1, Kyle Rayner would have existed on Earth-8 as that world’s Green Lantern.

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We also are told that the post-Crisis DCU is not a post-Crisis Earth-1.

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In the end of this saga, Luthor’s plan is of course thwarted, but not without another reboot.  Luthor had recreated a multiverse, and when it remerged into a singular universe, it was now “New Earth”, with yet another new canon.

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Next time around, I’m going to talk about 52, One Year Later, and the very short life of New Earth and the 52 Multiverse.

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