5 May

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

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So where were we?

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DC was a single universe that wasn’t part of a multiverse anymore, but it was part of a megaverse that consisted of multiverses of all the other comic book companies.

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Then, in 1999, DC decided that the multiverse can still exist, but with strict, yet loose, extremely confusing rules.

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Back in 1989, DC launched the Elseworlds label.  This was for stories that didn’t fit in regular continuity.  It was sort of a post-Crisis replacement for imaginary stories.  They weren’t meant to count as canon.

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But in Zero Hour, Elseworlds were shown to exist as alternate timelines that were suddenly appearing as part of the Crisis follow-up, along with stories from the pre-Crisis era and from screen adaptations.  But at the end of Zero Hour, we went back to one universe, though the Elseworlds continued on.

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In 1996, one of those Elseworlds stories was Kingdome Come, a…

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