DC Versus Marvel: Inter-Company Crossovers

25 Apr

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I left off last time with Zero Hour, the Crisis followup that had very little effect on things despite it’s purpose of fixing the things that were messed up after the last Crisis.

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A year and a half after Zero Hour, DC’s “only one universe” policy was seriously rejected again when DC decided that it was a good thing to collaborate with other comic book companies.  (I’m not arguing against this.  I wish they would still do it.)

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But before I get to the biggie, let’s start with the prequel.  In December 1995, Green Lantern and Silver Surfer teamed up in a crossover that had them both coming from their own separate universes.  This was different than the crossovers of the late 1970s and early 1980s, which placed Marvel and DC characters in the same universe, a universe that both DC and Marvel considered to not be part of their main canon.  Here, though, Green Lantern was from the DC Universe and Silver Surfer from the Marvel Universe.  We might have presumed that this story was still not canon, but…

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Then came DC Versus Marvel in 1996.  Some might call it Marvel Versus DC, but I don’t.  DC Versus Marvel was an event that displayed that the DC Universe and Marvel Universe were universes that were… created?… by two cosmic being brothers, despite what DC and Marvel origins for their universes were already, and that these universes were linked, despite DC saying their universe was a singular universe with no multiverse and Marvel had a multiverse at this point.

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These brothers pitted heroes from both worlds against each other, and readers got to vote on some of the winners.  This universe spawned a temporary Amalgam Universe where Superman and Captain America merged to become Super-Soldier and Batman merged with Wolverine to become Dark Claw.  This Amalgam Universe ceased to exist at the end of the event, but its popularity would bring about it’s later return.

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In this series, the previous GL/Surfer crossover was referenced as having happened, so we the readers were aware that that series and this were in canon.  But, did that make DC Versus Marvel canon?  Yes.

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A character was introduced in DC Versus Marvel named Access who was co-owned by DC and Marvel.  This character would return in regular titles from both DC and Marvel, establishing that DC Versus Marvel was canon for both companies.

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DC during this period and the following years have many more crossovers with Marvel and other companies.  Some of those were placed on a post-Crisis version of the “Crossover Earth”, which still seems to exist in the Marvel Multiverse but not the DC Multiverse, since there was no DC Multiverse.  The Pre-Crisis version of Crossover Earth was part of the Pre-Crisis DC Multiverse.  Some other stories were part of the multiversal concept where characters from the DC Universe interacted with characters from the other companies, and those were canon for both universes apparently.  And then there were some stories that were shared universe, but the DC Universe was the shared universe.

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One example of this is the Superman and Batman meeting Aliens and Predator.  These were a series of crossovers involving Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and the JLA meeting Aliens and Predator.  These stories were tied together and part of the same canon.  The first Superman/Aliens crossover was referenced on Superman’s regular magazine later in what was a story that was tied into the Final Night crossover event, so Aliens and Predator exist in the DC Universe of that era!

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So that was a lot of information about DC Versus Marvel, and there will be some more DC/Marvel stuff coming up that completely contradicts what I just wrote here!  But first, next week, we’ll get to Hypertime, the multiverse Dan DiDio wants you to forget.


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