Pre-Crisis/Post Crisis

14 Apr

Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

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The original DC Multiverse was first acknowledged in 1961 in the pages of the Flash but retroactively, it existed from as early as 1935 with the first DC Comic, but technically could really be said to have first appeared with the first bit if fiction that ever existed or even as far back as the dawn of time.

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The original Multiverse was not actually the original multiverse.  Confused?  Well, in DC lore, there once was one singular universe.  Then a guy named Krona looked back to the dawn of time and that caused the universe to split into an infinite number of universes that made up the original multiverse.

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This original multiverse consisted of every comic ever published by DC Comics, every comic ever published by a company that was bought by DC Comics, and every adaptation of a DC Comic or other property owned by DC.  It also included…

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