Hal Jordan of Earth-2!

4 Apr

A lot of people have been telling me I should start using this forum to start telling people that Trump is bad.  But, I think we all know that and there’s lots of people writing about that.  I just don’t know what more I could add to that.

But what nobody is talking about is a major potential continuity flaw that existed in DC Comics continuity, beginning in 1984 and ending in 1986.

Guy Gardner was the one, true Green Lantern of Sector 2814 after all.

So let me back track.

Air Wave was a character created in 1942, debuting in Detective Comics # 60.

Image result for Air Wave golden age

He was law clerk Larry Jordan.  He was a non-powered costumed vigilante, or “mystery man”.  His series ran from 1942 to 1948 in Detective Comics.  The character had no crossovers with any other DC Comics character during his golden age run.  Though there’s an assumption by some fans that everything DC publishes is in the same universe, and that everything published in the 1940s took place on Earth-2, there’s no evidence to actually support that notion.  I prefer to rely on continuity provided by in-story evidence.

Image result for flash of two worlds

In the 1960s, the Earth-1/Earth-2 concept was created in the pages of the Flash, establishing that Barry Allen, the then current Flash existed on Earth-1, while Jay Garrick, the 1940s Flash existed on Earth-2.  DC then went on to establish the Justice League of America existed on Earth-1 while the Justice Society of America existed on Earth-2.  By extension, we can assume any character that crossed over with an established Earth-1 character and appeared to be from the same world must also exist on Earth-1.  And any character that crossed over with an established Earth-2 character and appeared to be from the same world must also exist on Earth-2.

One complication that ran with that was that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were members of both the JLA and JSA.

Image result for Superman of Earth-1 and 2 meet

DC established that there were two of each character, one for each Earth.  The Earth-1 Superman was that currently appearing on comics in the 1960s with all the established mythos that had come about since Superman’s creation while the Earth-2 Superman had many qualities originally attributed to Superman that were later abandoned and replaced.  For instance, Earth-2 Clark Kent worked for the Daily Star and his Luthor had red hair.  Similar rules were established for Batman and Wonder Woman.  Writers didn’t always get things right, but I’ll talk about more of that in future posts.

Image result for Green Lantern # 100 air wave

So getting back to Air Wave.  In 1978, during the era when Green Lantern was sharing his title with Green Arrow, in issue # 100, Green Lantern Hal Jordan (the Green Lantern of Earth-1) got to meet his cousin, also named Hal Jordan.  This meta-human was the new Air Wave, and son of the original, Larry Jordan.  Turns out that G.L. Hal and his brothers are the nephews of the golden age Air Wave!

Image result for Hal Jordan's brothers

So this means that Air Wave must exist on Earth-1 by the logic I’ve been running with thus far.  In 1972, it was also still technically possible this meant Larry operated on Earth-1 as Air Wave during the time period of his comic adventures.  However, as time goes on, and the “Comic Book Time” sliding scale is used, his adventures by the time of 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, probably places Larry’s adventures during the era before Krypton exploded, which is a bit more vague based on aging of contemporary characters.

So far it’s not much to consider here.  So Air Wave was an Earth-1 golden age hero instead of Earth-2.  Okay.

Image result for DC Comics Presents # 40, death of air wave

In DC Comics Presents # 40, 1981, the back up feature told the story of the final fate of Larry Jordan.  It didn’t really say what Earth Larry was from but Hal (future Air Wave) was in the story as a baby and this story took place after Larry had retired as a costumed hero.  Since the new Air Wave is around the Teen Titans age, he is around 19 in 1981 (again, using the sliding scale).  Which places that story 18 1/2-ish years prior.  This would place the story around 1963-ish (in 1981), already moving Air Wave out of the World War II era and having operated more around the 1950s probably.

Image result for DC Comics Presents # 55, 1983

Then in DC Comics Presents # 55, 1983, there is a team-up between Superman and the young Air Wave, with a flashback teaming Superboy with Larry as Air Wave.  This story takes place before Larry’s retirement.  In 1983, Superboy stories took place when Superboy was 16, and also were supposed to be approximately 20 years before modern stories.  So now we have Larry active as Air Wave in 1963.  Probably he retired shortly after.  It’s unlikely that Larry operated during World War II.  It’s more likely he operated in the late 1950s and early 1960s during the Superbaby/Superboy era on Earth-1.

Image result for Air Wave in All-Star Squadron

But then, oh, Roy Thomas.  I loved All-Star Squadron, but Roy Thomas decided every golden age DC hero existed on Earth-2.  He didn’t put all of them in there, but he added a bunch.  Larry Jordan appeared as Air Wave in All-Star Squadron # 31 – 32 and then again in # 59 – 60.

So this leaves us with two ways to look at this.  Doppelgangers or migration.

The doppelgangers idea is the one established by the two Supermen.  So Larry Jordan of Earth-2 operated from 1942 to 1948.  Those adventures were chronicled in Detective Comics and he had additional appearances in All-Star Squadron, in stories set in 1942.  Then there is the Larry Jordan of Earth-1.  We didn’t see his active career but we can assume it was similar to his Earth-2 counterpart, but took place about 15 years later.  We saw his team-up with Superboy and his final fate, and his son took over as Air Wave years later.

The Earth-2 Air Wave in this scenario may or may not have had a brother who had sons including Hal Jordan.  We don’t know.  We know Hal Jordan didn’t become Green Lantern on Earth-2.  Earth-2 Larry in this scenario may have had a son, or maybe not.  He may have died the same way.  Or maybe not.  His son certainly didn’t become a hero.

But then there is option 2.

DC had established that some heroes had migrated from one Earth to another.  The Freedom Fighters started on Earth-2 and moved to Earth-X.  Black Canary, Sargon and Steel had migrated from Earth-2 to Earth-1.

So perhaps in some unknown story, Larry Jordan migrated from Earth-2 to Earth-1.  Likely, this would have happened after his final golden age appearance in 1948.  He would have then resettled on Earth-1, had an adventure with Superboy, married his wife, had the baby, died in one last adventure, and his son would become the new Air Wave.

But we know that G.L. Hal Jordan is the same age as Superboy.  Let’s do some math.  I’ll assume that Earth-1 time ends with the Crisis.  So in 1985, 16 year old Superboy and Hal Jordan met 20 years earlier, so 1965.  So Hal Jordan was born 1949?  He would have been born just after the migration.  His brothers are older than him.  They would have been born before the migration.

It seems as they Larry and his wife and Larry’s brother and sister in law and Larry’s nephews all migrated together?  Why?  What untold story led to this?

And, having arrived on Earth-1, if they had no doppelgangers, or even if they did, how did they create a life?  Social security numbers, jobs, and such.  Larry left a job on Earth-2 as a D.A. and then gets hired as D.A. on Earth-1?

Image result for Guy Gardner one true green lantern

One interesting thing about this idea.  Guy Gardner wasn’t chosen as Green Lantern because Hal Jordan was closer to Abin Sur’s crashed ship.  That was the only reason.  But if Hal Jordan’s parents both came from Earth-2, that means truly Guy Gardner should have been the Green Lantern of Earth-1.

But the migration theory just has too many complications.

For me, it makes more sense to assume that there were two Larry Jordans, one on each Earth.  Of course, the pre-Crisis Larry Jordan’s last appearance was in All-Star Squadron # 60, which also was his first post-Crisis appearance.  This issue involved the post-Crisis reboot.

Image result for All-Star Squadron # 60 second picture

So the issue is moot for most people.  But not for me.  For me those stories will always matter.

In the post-Crisis canon, there was only one Larry Jordan, as there was only one Earth.  Larry did operate in the 1940s and was in the All-Star Squadron.  He retired in the 1940s.  His final fate remained the same.  His family relations to Green Lantern remained the same.  He did not ever meet Superboy as that was stricken from post-Crisis canon.

Image result for Air Wave Maser

That post-Crisis canon was then again rebooted for the recent New 52.  I have no idea what the status of Air Wave is now.

If you liked this post, please let me know.  I’d like to do more of these pre-Crisis continuity analysis posts, but I’d like it more if other people are actually reading them.  Also, if there’s a particular continuity glitch you’d like me to talk about, let me know.

Otherwise, I’m going to start talking about social justice issues and other things nobody really wants to read about.


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