Guest Post: To the members of the electoral college designated to vote for Trump by Heather Craig

15 Dec

The following is a post from a friend of mine.  The views expressed are not necessarily my views.  — Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

A guest post from Heather Craig

December 14, 2016





To the members of the electoral college designated to vote for Trump,




Please vote for Trump. And please vote your conscience.


As you read this, you may find yourself confused about why I would say this. Let me assure you, I am sincere. You see, my father was a life-long member of the GOP. He taught me to stand up for my principles, even when, sometimes especially when, others will oppose me and harass me. He taught me to both stand up for myself and respect the opinions of others. He taught me to put the common good first.


We rarely agreed on politics or economics. But I learned from him to value conservative perspectives and take seriously solutions proposed by conservative leaders. The concerns expressed by those who voted for Mr.Trump are real and legitimate issues. We need to address them.


My father also taught me great respect for the founding documents of our nation, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We discussed what a privilege and a responsibility it is to serve as an elector. And I know there is a difference between someone who is unfit according to the Constitution and someone I disagree with.


I don’t know all of the pressures you are under. I do know that if President Elect Trump believed in single payer health care and raising the minimum wage, if he believed in shutting down fracking and employing coal workers in solar power and participating in the Paris Accord, if he believed in welcoming Syrian refugees and a path to citizenship for undocumented aliens and if I was designated to vote for him as an elector for my state and my party, I would not. Even if he believed in every single thing I do, as an elector, I would not vote for him.


I believe him to be unfit based on criteria in the Constitution. Mr Trump has repeatedly refused to release financial information every other president has released. He has investments and business connections so multinational in scope that he can neither divest them nor avoid a conflict of interest. He has, since the election, repeatedly met with international leaders outside of official diplomatic channels. His children have also had these meetings or attended them which is an additional conflict of interest. This puts him at risk of being manipulated by a foreign power or making a decision against the best interests of the American people. While there is nothing wrong with a private citizen having multinational and nationally diverse business interest and it may even be admired, it is in violation of the Constitution for a sitting president.


Prior to and during the election, he referred to Russia, even asking the Russian state to hack the emails of an American citizen with a position in the government, Since the election, one of our security organizations, the CIA, and the leaders in Congress, have released information about Russian interference in our Elections. If true, this means he has placed us under the influence of a foreign government..


In addition, since becoming President-Elect, he has refused to attend vital security briefings. These briefings are how Presidents stay informed about crises that affect our country. How can a person who ran on a platform of stopping dangerous terrorists and curtailing illegal immigration refuse that part of his job? He has announced plans to continue producing “The Apprentice” in his “spare time.” No other president in the history of the nation has had a second career during his tenure as president. We need a full time president.


All presidents, according to the Constitution, are barred from using the office for personal gain. And they are expressly prohibited from placing themselves under foreign influence. Donald Trump, by his associations and behavior, poses a serious threat to our nation if he becomes President.


Please listen to the voice of your conscience. If you are at peace with Mr Trump’s connections and behavior, then vote for him. If you are troubled by any of these concerns, please vote for another member of the GOP. There are many without these conflicts who are fit to serve.. Be loyal to your values. Be loyal to your party. Vote your conscience. I trust you. I will support you no matter what your vote.


Thank you for your Service,



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